Hello! My name is Regina Doormann (with double O and double N).

I’ve been an enthusiastic English teacher since I got my CELTA-qualification in Australia in 2011.

For many years I worked at various colleges in Sydney, gaining experience in teaching every level of General English. My students were adults from all around the world, mainly from Asia and South America, but also from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

I really enjoy meeting people from many different countries and helping them express themselves and connect with one another. I call it “travelling without moving”, because we all – my students and I – get a wonderful opportunity to learn about each other’s cultures. As a priceless bonus, beautiful friendships are often formed.

My other great passion apart from teaching is, in fact, travelling. I have visited all continents inhabited by human beings. Still there are so many more places I want to discover.

Sometimes I try to combine travel and work. In 2016, I participated in summer camps with children and teenagers in Italy, where I gained another teaching qualification (Teaching English through Theatre and Play).

In 2017, I moved to the South of Spain and started working as an English teacher here. I’ve helped many teenagers prepare for Cambridge exams.

I've also taught English online to small groups of very young learners in China.

Thanks to all these different experiences, I can confidently say that my preferred learners are adult students from around the world.

How to reach them? Especially in 2023? Well... online! So here we are.


I don't consider myself a risk-taker, but I like adventure and personal challenges. I believe that getting out of your comfort zone every now and again is a healthy thing to do.

On a trip to Peru in 2017, I decided to fulfil one of my long-held dreams: I learnt to paraglide. I love the feeling of being free as a bird.


I never cease to be amazed by all that the world - especially the natural world here on our beautiful Planet Earth - has to offer. 

Humans and their creative output through various art forms as well as their scientific research and exploration fascinate me as well.

Lifelong learning is one of my goals.


Being mindful and aware of the greater impact that each one of us has form a central part of my thinking. Kindness and respect go a long way.

I loathe routine. I embrace change and being on the move, but I also know how to do things slowly. I frequently pause to meditate, watch the clouds, and recharge my energy.